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How To Beat A U-Turn Traffic Ticket

In some cases, the most convenient way to get to where you are going is to make a U-turn. The problem is that a U-turn will often be against the law, with some areas explicitly prohibiting U-turns. Even if they aren't prohibited, you are required to only perform one if you can do so safely. However, if you receive a ticket for a U-turn, there are often ways that you can beat it.

Beating a U-Turn Traffic Ticket

The good news about traffic tickets involving U-turns is that they are often very specific. Therefore, you may be able to beat a traffic ticket by simply showing how your situation did not apply to the statute. However, making sense of a traffic code can be difficult because of how many elements you will need to dissect. For this reason, you will want to work with a traffic attorney who has experience with U-turn cases. 

The statute you received your ticket under might only apply to situations where you are traveling through a residential district. Therefore, if you can prove that the location wasn't a part of the residential district, you may be able to beat your ticket.

You may dispute whether you were performing a U-turn. For example, you might have simply been pulling into a parking lot. Statutes usually require that you be specifically making a U-turn to be considered guilty.

Understanding How You Should Fight a Ticket

Fighting a ticket will not only help save you money but will also allow you to avoid potentially losing your license or at least having points put on your license. When you are pulled over for making a U-turn, do not fight with the police officer. Be very polite and follow the officer's instructions. In many cases, the officer will simply let you off with a warning. If you do receive a ticket and you feel like fighting, it's best to do so in traffic court.

You'll have a much better chance of winning your case if you hire a traffic attorney. This is because a traffic attorney has abilities that you will not have. For example, if there is a CCTV video of the incident, only a traffic attorney will be able to access this. With the help of surveillance footage, you will be able to prove that the police officer was mistaken and that you did not actually perform an illegal U-turn. 

For more information about how a traffic attorney can help, contact a local office.